Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Preemie Baby Announcements

Creating the perfect announcement for a premature infant is an sometimes a struggle for parents. There are so many questions to this event, and the announcing thereof. We tend to ask ourselves if it is too early, would I want a photo of my preemie on the announcement, should I wait until the baby comes home.

In our circumstances, it wasn't about all of that, mainly about the fact that I just had a child, and needed the support and celebration brought to my family. The birth announcement that we did send out contained three cute photos that the night NICU nurse while our son's face was exposed during the changing of his tubes.

I was a little shocked at the fact that they were having a photo shoot with my son without me. I mean, I lived for those moments. Ultimately, I took those three photos home and scanned them just as fast as I could to assemble his baby announcement. I had tried several times to come up with the perfect pose, or just a hand or just a foot, but seriously, this worked for us...

I have put together some great designs available to download and print personally or through a commercial printer, paste your photo or journal your sentiments atop of the announcements. This is a great example of hybrid scrapbooking where you make use of scrapbooking stickers and decals to layer atop of the under printed design.

Over three years worth of artwork is now being made available to parents of premature infants in the neonatal intensive care units, world-wide. For more downloadable baby announcements, vellum overlays, printable scrapbooking layouts, and scrapbooking baby elements for hybrid or digital scrapping! If you would like to view all freebies follow the link to and click on freebies.

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