Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Pages for Preemies - The Premature Infant

Scrapbooking is a wonderful pass-time for parents who enjoy documenting and journaling about the lives that they have lead and the lives that they have created. Whether it be a son entering college, or a first grader on the bus. As a parent of a premature infant, scrapbooking took me by surprise. It was not only a way to document the milestones and changes of my son's life, it was also a way to journal and wrap my head around the events that we were encountering every moment.

We spent a total of 33 days in the NICU, and within the first hours of his birth I found myself on my computer sending a blog out to family and friends, informing them of our conditions and progress. It was a way for me to personally communicate with others without me having to pick up the phone. The emotional turmoil I felt as a parent was tough, but the guilt compounded and honestly the embarrassment grew to levels that we just unbearable. I really hid behind that online journal and posted what was everyday for us. Hoping for compassion and sympathy from my family, I went home each night and edited photos taken from the day and uploading to the servers to document my day to others.

Since that time, I have spent making scrapbooking pages and journaling resources available for preemie parents. It is my goal for others to be able to treasure their journey and celebrate in the moments of birth. Here is a link to all of the free downloadable scrapbooking pages. Feel free to use these in your journey and of course, check out our whole book of NICU scrapbooking resources at the following link.

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Scrapbooking Pages.

NICU Care Cards for Preemie Parents - Includes free Greeting Cards Made for Parents of Premature Infants

Celebrating in the NICU is just as important as celebrating first holidays at home. Imagine having a premature infant in the neonatal intensive care unit for the first holiday of your family's lives together. It is an important event, one that should be cherished and shared with all relatives and friends. Parents are now able to download free baby announcements, free care cards and holiday cards for their preemie babies. Printable on any home printer or send to the commercial printer, have fun sharing your moments with others as you compile memories on your care cards. Link

For all NICU Care Cards, click for a link to our album.