Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, we are up and published!

‘A Journey to Home’ is a comprehensive Preemie Baby Book and NICU Journal. Over three years in the making, this journal will be a companion during the NICU stay, and a book of memories in the future. It is a book of expectations, setting parents up for a true understanding of what is to come. It builds resources while celebrating the joys of their baby’s life.

“The development of this book began four hours after the birth of my son. I longed to be able to journal and have a keepsake that was adjusted to my premature child.”

“In my personal journey, I have found that you must find peace with being a parent of a preemie. It is only after much time that I have been able to rejoice with my toddler, and shed layers of protection that sheltered us from harm in the past. I will look at him with a little less guilt in my heart, and continue to treasure every breath, word, and step that he takes in his life.” Jessica Williams

'A Journey to Home' is offered in a 72 page, soft bound book, measuring 8"x10". It is perfect for a baby bag or purse when running from home to NICU. We have provided a pink and teal version for preemie girls and boys. A medical recording section has been omitted in this second edition book. For personal use, we are providing those pages as a free download on our website:. All parents are welcome to print or have a commercial printer produce them in a separate journal for complete care records and reports throughout the NICU experience and potentially at home. Included:. weekly doctor reports, daily care records, lactation records, feeding records, and weekly records.

Contents include :.

Chapter One:. Expecting You...
As a preemie parent, I needed to hold on to the memories that came to fruition so quickly. Taking the two or three days in the high-risk pregnancy ward after the birth of my son, was a great time to embrace the joys that pregnancy had brought to me. 'A Journey to Home' brings the parents back to those moments; moments that will draw hours of reflection and surfaces hope for their preemie's future.

Chapter Two:. Our Home for Awhile...
For 33 days, I called the NICU our home. With a minimum of nine hours a day, I was fortunate enough to be a true advocate for my son and his experiences. Many parents are not. 'A Journey to Home' reminds us that the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit is a place of progress and development. It outlines developmental goals, and processes to expect. It provides thought to relationships created in the NICU, Holidays and Celebrations as well as Milestones. Importantly, we have included areas to journal calendar reminders for each month as well as contact information for outside and inside the NICU.

Chapter Three:. Transitioning to Home...
Without even knowing it, we were transitioning to home when we began meeting the expectations of the NICU. When my child became bottle fed a certain number of times in a day, when he could maintain is temperature in an outside crib, when he was gaining weight, he was transitioning to home. This chapter is the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is place where all parents should start to celebrate in the fact that their child is becoming the developed child of a newborn baby at a higher gestational age. Our journal includes, going home goals, and checklists. 'A Journey to Home' provides areas to journal Baby and Family Care Givers, Sentiments, and of course phone numbers for medical, insurance, and follow-up care.

Chapter Four:. Resources for Us...
In the time I spent in the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit I longed for companionship with other parents, activities centered around my newborn son, and honestly, a connection to the cause and hope for the greater good of other families. Resources for us provides all of that. The featured resources are just some of the free services on the internet where families can learn to crochet Preemie hats, scrapbook their NICU experiences, blog about their babies, and of course, bond with others going through the same experiences. Our hope is that everyone finds something that brings them into a sense of community. Prematurity is a lonely circumstance, although 500,000 babies experience it every year. Our hope is that we bring resources, healing and celebration to the NICU experiences in this chapter.

Table of Contents:.
Expecting You
My Wish for You
The Day You Came Into My Life
First Photos of You
A Letter to My Baby
Photo Page
Ten Tiny Fingers, Ten Tiny Toes
Family Tree
About Our Family

Our Home for Awhile
Important Contacts
Conversion Charts
Monthly Calendars
NICU Dictionary
Milestones & Photos
My NICU Friends
Our Firsts
Moments We Have Shared
Holidays and Celebrations
Thoughtful Gifts & Expressions
NICU Visitors

Transitioning to Home
Going Home Goals
Going Home Checklist
Photo & Journaling Pages
Contacts & Phone Numbers
Going Home
Baby & Family Care Givers
Photo & Journaling Pages

Resources for Us
Miracle Bebe
Free Products, Services, Resources
The Story of Rowan Grey
The Preemie, Devoted to Healing
The Preemie, Free Downloads
Preemie Advocacy & Resources

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