Friday, March 11, 2011

The Preemie Primer

Being a Mother of a 30 weeker, I was dedicated to understanding the steps in the NICU and achieving healthy steps home as we were discarged. In 2007 there were not many books that lent extensive information into the processes that a parent and child would take, nor the expectation of medical care takers in order to leave the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I recall living my experiences day to day. I had no knowledge of what tomorrow would bring, nor did I know the proper questions to ask.

By September of 2007 we were all home, with heart and apnea monitors we spent the holidays still concerned about issues like reflux, weight gain, and of course alarms that went off. We still had in-home medical visits, but nothing that lended a true guide to expectations. By winter, I began to develop 'A Journey to Home, A Preemie Baby Book and NICU Companion Journal'. (visit:: Over the course of two years I still needed the guide that enabled me to know what was universal to preemie babies to make it absolutely correct...

Prior to publishing the fill-in baby book, I downloaded 'The Preemie Primer' on iBooks. I cross referenced everything that Jen Gunter had produced and I fell in love with the compassion and feeling that she had during her own experiences in the NICU. The fact that Jen Gunter was a practicing OB-GYN for 13 years brought a true insight into prematurity from the heart. Her fate brought her full-circle and into an experience that she was merly diagnosing to an actuality within moments of the birth of her triplets.

This guide, this story, is a wonderful attribute for any parent discovering roads and journeys through the NICU. I would highly recommend it as the empowerment that Jen lends us, as well as the power of journaling for parents, is a true gift for any preemie parent. My hope is that all parents touched by prematurity would have the opportunity to meet in Jen's words, and to benefit their baby's health by journaling in our preemie companion journal.

Thank you for the time that you have dedicated, Jen. My life, the life of my son, and my family is all in a better place because of your contribution!

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