Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Preemie :. A Journey to Home, A Preemie Baby Book and NICU Companion Journal - Now Available for Hospitals and for Donation!

As many of you know, I have been compiling a NICU Journal and Preemie Baby Book. This companion journal had been offered on the internet for the past year. I have done a complete revision and have made the preemie baby book larger, more reasonable in cost, and faster shipping. This journal is 104 pages and in outstanding full-color. The new printers have offered excellent quality and the publishers will market the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other brick and mortar store across the world.

The artist and illustrator, Lara Payton had lent me her designs to give the book a beautiful scrapbook look and feel. The elegance of her artwork gave something so unique to this journal. Every page is different and personal, as is the NICU experience.

In the publishing of this Preemie keepsake, I have a new website that details the book in it's entirety ( Along with that, I have advertised a discounted price of 25% as an introductory offer. Many hospitals and organizations had contacted me in the past concerning wholesale and discounted pricing, at that time and with the resources that I had available to me, I was unable to do so.

Today is a new day, and for many families in the NICU, my hope is that they are able to have a copy of this 'fill-in' diary throughout their stay. As the author of this publication, I wanted nothing more than a means to give parents a resource for celebration and hope. As a Mother of a Preemie, I have poured my heart into the journal, detailing pages for parents to fill in with emotion and sentiments. My hope is to offer comfort to parents and children with a memory of their Journey to Home.

Today, the journal is available at and is ready for immediate shipment. It is listed at $49.99 with a 25% off, making it $37.49. There is a promotional code that will take the book down in price to $29.99. I would encourage all NICU's to take a look at the journal and check back with me for opportunities for larger orders. If you are an individual, I would encourage you to purchase and have it shipped to the NICU of your choice as a donation to a family for the holidays.
Use promo code :. NOVEMBOOK for the additional discount. Order Your Copy, Today.

This is my way of giving back to the community of premature infants. It is the way that I, as a working Mother am able to fight for the healing and the celebration to be a part of future experiences in the NICU. This journal will make it's way into the hearts of many, but my hope is that it makes it's way into the hearts of all.

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